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Privacy statement

Processing personal details can have a serious impact on the confidentiality of individuals, as this information may contain sensitive personal information. This so called sensitive personal information concerns all aspects such as religion, lifestyle, race, political beliefs, sexual preferences and membership of unions, associations or professional bodies. ACSI Holding BV has no implicit intention to either record or process these details.

Visitors to sites operated by ACSI Holding BV have the right to privacy and the protection of any personal details which have been submitted. Whether you have ordered a camp site guide or booked a camping holiday, your personal details will be treated in the strictest confidence. ACSI gives this highest priority by registering with the Data Protection Act in the Netherlands. The main condition for an organisation registered under this act concerns the refusal to divulge personal details to third parties.

ACSI has fulfilled the registration requirements of the Data Protection Act of the Netherlands (‘Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’) and has been registered under reference number m1205261 with the Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) in The Hague.

By answering the following questions we hope to give clear and accurate information on the way in which ACSI deals with your personal details.


Why is this information collated?

Information about visitors to websites operated by ACSI Holding BV is collated in order to:

  • offer you the best service in the shortest time
  • customise ACSI’s product range as closely as possible to your requirements
  • process your order and booking as efficiently as possible

What information is collated and for what reason?

To give you the best possible service we collate statistical and personal information. The way in which we do this is described below.


General information about visitors to this website and their ‘profile’ are recorded, such as the most requested pages and the way in which a visitor arrives at this website. These details are not linked to your name or address and are never analysed in this way. The sole reason for recording this information is the development and improvement of (the structure and navigation around) the website, but these details can also lead to an improvement in the accessibility of the website.

Processing personal details

In order to process orders and bookings efficiently, we hold certain details which have been submitted by the client using this website, or one of our associated partner-websites. This also applies to other forms of contact with ACSI, such as requesting a brochure, making a booking or requesting information. The address details can be used by ACSI to promote new products or services. To prevent you receiving information about a new product or service for which you have shown no previous interest, ACSI tries to take your preferences into account.

Non-personal, anonymous information

We accept that the other party (for example AddThis, which enables our content to be shared via the social media, Google and Criteo) may collect anonymous information when you make use of this party’s applications. This relates to non-personal, anonymous information which is obtained for example by means of a cookie.

You will find more information about our online privacy and advertisements here. You can also indicate here whether or not you wish to be subjected to online advertisements based on your surfing pattern on internet.

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What happens to your details?

Personal details supplied by the client are used to:

  • process orders and reservations efficiently
  • promote new products and services.

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What should you do if you are unwilling to divulge or receive certain details?

Where you do not wish to be informed about new products and services, you should indicate this on any page which requests personal details.

All clients have furthermore right of appeal against any processing of personal details. You can register this intention with ACSI Holding BV using the contact form on this website.

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Despite the greatest care taken in compiling this website, no liability can be accepted for any information and/or images published on this site. All prices on this site are shown in Euros (€), and the right is reserved to change any prices or other details.

It can happen that documents and associated graphics published on this website may contain printing errors or technical inaccuracies. ACSI Holding BV maintains the right, individually or in consultation with camp sites, to make changes or improvements to the information. Whenever inaccuracies are reported to the editors, every attempt will be made to amend these as quickly as possible.

ACSI Holding BV accepts no liability whatsoever for problems which may arise from the use of this website or from associated websites. In no event is ACSI Holding BV liable for any specific, indirect or subsequent damage; or for any damage as a result of unauthorised use, or loss of details caused by using either the information or the documents contained on this website.

ACSI Holding BV makes every effort to prevent breakdowns caused by technical failure. However, some details or information on our sites may be contained in files or formats for which total accuracy cannot always be guaranteed.

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On this website published by ACSI Holding BV you will find links to other websites. ACSI cannot be held responsible for any personal details you submit to these partners. You are advised to acquaint yourself with the way in which our partners deal with personal details by consulting the privacy statement of the website in question. This website contains links to other websites which are not moderated by ACSI Holding BV. Such links are for information purposes only or form part of a commercial advertising campaign. ACSI Holding BV has no influence over the content of these sites and is in no way responsible for the contents.

There are in addition websites which connect to this site using hyperlinks. These sites are not moderated by ACSI Holding BV. ACSI cannot be held responsible for any personal details you submit to these partners. You are advised to acquaint yourself with the way in which our partners deal with personal details by consulting the privacy statement of the website in question.

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ACSI Holding BV retains all rights to make modifications to this statement. If you have any queries or comments regarding ACSI’s privacy policy you can send them to us by completing the contact form.

ACSI Holding BV

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